Incursus - Eternal Funeral Trance DigiCD

Incursus - Eternal Funeral Trance DigiCD

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Influenced only by the essence of darkness.This hideous coalessence can be found inside us all, but only those who are brave enough to explore its depths or are forced-to by their undying contempt for banality, can express it authentically... Incursus is evil, glorified and channeled by the two wretched souls that enshroud this covenant with their mercilessness. Take a journey into what is being called black metal in one of its purest forms, which only a accursed few will ever be able to grasp. *warning* This type of "music" is not for everyone! self label proclaimed "The best true black metal album of the last few years since Deathspell Omega's "Inquisitors Of Satan" or Katharsis' "Kruzifixxion" Album REVIEWS

Infernal Masquerade 88/100
Voices From The Darkside (Germany) review 8.5 / 10

Forbidden webzine

Funeral Rain Webzine9.5 / 10

Orthodox Black Metal (Greece)
Heavy Metal Tribune 85/100

Archaic Metallurgy 7.5/10

Franang Zine (France) INCURSUS (Usa) "Eternal Funeral Trance" CD'09. 9 tracks, 46 min. Forever Plagued. If you're looking for all B.M standard: haunting vocals, pounding drumming and freezing guitar riffs there's no way of searching for ages, buy Incursus' record. Indeed "Eternal Funeral Trance" is the typical B.M release that kicks ass from the beginning to the end. This band is strongly influenced by the early B.M way, as the atmosphere and feeling is perfectly into darkness and Satanism. Each song is praise to the Lord, an essence to the underworld where the two Incursus ghouls are dancing before him. Actually, the band could be a kind of mix between Katharsis, Watain and Malign but without really sounding like any of those bands. Incursus masters their art both through mid tempo parts than through ultra fast songs (i.e. "He Of Knighted Death"). We've a very strong and powerful release here."