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News and Announcements

OUT NOW! - Monday, November 24, 2014
ORCULTUS   two new tape releases,     "Black Rust" & "Endless Hate & Misanthropy".

COMING SOON on FPR - Sunday, September 14, 2014
DEMONCY - Joined In DarknessDemoncy's most notable album will be released for the first time on Digipack CD.   Sometime around Halloween or early November. 
Under License from Negative Existence.
Available Online! - Saturday, August 23, 2014

FUNEREUS - ...Return Of The Old Goat CD
$6.66 + shipping

In Stores Sept 8th!

OUT NOW! - Saturday, August 9, 2014

GRAVELAND - Resharpening Thousand Swords Pro Cassette
$7.00 + shipping

4 panel booklet, with pro printed cassette w/ silver ink.

Limited To 300 copies!

GRAVELAND "Resharpening Thousand Swords Pro Cassette - Tuesday, July 8, 2014
coming later this summer
GRAVELAND - Resharpening Thousand Swords rehearsal pro cassette
-mastered with dominating sound you will hear a good quality rehearsal version of thousand swords that was up until now unreleased. No vocals!, No bass guitar! but still a very great sounding recording of the Thousand Swords, tracks in rehearsal.

TAATSI Official Promotional Video posted now! - Monday, July 7, 2014
New CD release announcments - Friday, June 13, 2014
We are proud to announce this summer, at least three new releases will materialize. Firstly is a new split release with an unknown act yet are close comrades with KULT OF TAURUS who call themselves  EREVOS AENAON.  Namely a split release between the two titled "Born Of Fire, Forged by Death" on CD, Which is going to press this week and the official street date will be announced soon.

Secondly after a great demo (that you should act quick on or suffer it being sold out), TAATSI are already to unleash a full length titled "Amidst The Trees" which FPR is proud to be putting out by early JULY on CD.  Expect nothing but great atmospheric yet mystical nature worshiping black metal from Finland. If you have not heard these guys yet I highly recommend you check them out. For fans of Strid & old Manes.

Third, we would like to show our gratitude and blood lustful appreciation to be working with the mighty U.S. /  Mexican act  FUNEREUS on their second album and most ferocious yet called " Return Of The Old Goat".  Very impacting old school black metal mixed with touches of old school black thrash. Most importantly, truly devoted to the hatred for this cesspool of what some real fucking losers have the nerve to call black metal.  We are as of now expecting a release sometime around August for the new FUNEREUS.

In other news we will be announcing at some point in the near future the release of two new ORCULTUS demo's which will kill, just as the self titled 7" EP has.

WEBSTORE REOPENED! - Wednesday, June 4, 2014

existing stock updated with some previous stock additions like  Inquisition's two albums "Nefarious DIsmal Orations" & Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer" on CD  We'll be updating stock over the next few days for newly stocked stuff.  I'll have label release news shortly as well.

We've been ultra busy trying to get caught up and its been a major challenge.  Anyway we should be open again later this week for anyone wondering whats up.   Shortly after that I'll have some major distro updates that I'll be adding periodically once we get our current stock in order.  Also we have some release announcements to make so be patient and stay tuned, evil never sleeps.
for Maryland Death Fest  See you there...
Our webstore is closed until next week. we should be reopened by Wednesday May 29th.
OUT NOW! - Saturday, May 17, 2014

Necuratul - Sanguine Lupus Graves demo Cassette (ltd to 300)


Taatsi - Season Of Sacrifice demo Cassette  (ltd to 200)

Buy these now from our online store! 

Forever Plagued Records will have more release news on our return from this years Maryland Death Fest, next weekend.  If you are going make sure to stop by our table.  MDF's premiere Black Metal vendor.  We are loaded with some of the best black metal releases right now so do not hesitate to come  indulge yourself in the audio darkness. Some items we won't be getting in until after the fest so best to come back and visit us upon our return and take advantage on some of the cheapest prices, on some of the merch that we unfortunately could not get a hold of before the fest namely restocks on MGLA, the new Sargeist and the reissues of the long out of print Lunar Aurora albums.

from  midnight of May 23rd until about wednesday May 28th.  We are expecting again to sell alot at MDF so get your orders in before we go and we'll see that your order gets shipped out or is at least secured before the weekend.  Lots of news to post in the coming month or two so stay tuned!

OUT NOW! - Sunday, May 11, 2014
Deus Ignotus - Processsion Of An Old Religion CD  now available for purchase online.  Street date is still set for June 6th.

OUT NOW! - Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Ormgård - Ormblot casewrapped Digibook CD  available now!

ORCULTUS 7" EP OUT NOW - Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ORCULTUS 7" EP out now!

ORMGÅRD - Ormblot  casewrapped digibook CD out Apr 28th

Coming in MAY
Deus Ignotus - Procession Of An Old Religion MCD
Taatsi - Season Of Sacrifice debut demo (nature mystical black metal from Finland)
Necuratul - Sanguine Lupus Graves debut demo (old school black metal from the U.S.)

Finally, Orcultus 7" test presses have arrived. It won't be long now! - Friday, March 28, 2014
Septuagint - Negative Void Trinity MCD *Now Available* - Monday, March 17, 2014

SEPTUAGINT Negative Void Trinity MCD is now available.

We are still waiting for the plates to arrive to the manufacturer so they can even send us test presses on the ORCULTUS EPs,  Its been over a month now we have been waiting for word with still nothing.  I am hoping these will be ready by the second week of April but at this point who knows, damn delays. 

We should have more news on the ORMGARD - Ormblot  casewrapped digi CDs soon!

New promotional video for Septuagint "Negative Void Trinity" - Tuesday, March 4, 2014
new promotional video for Orcultus 7" EP - Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Demo Tape releases in 2014 + Incursus news - Sunday, January 19, 2014
Demo tapes limited between 100-300 copies. Coming in 2014 on Forever Plagued Records.

Darzum Thuul - s/t (Dark ambient inspired by ancient sorcery)
Taatsi - Sacrificial Stone demo (Nature mystical BM from Finland)
Vyrolakos - demo 2,000 (unreleased demo from 2000 raw hateful BM)
Orcultus - Black Rust demo (raw Swedish BM)
Orcultus - Endless Hate & Misanthropy demo (raw Swedish BM)

no release dates..
coming 2014/2015
Incursus - Eternal Funeral Trance Pro Cassette w/ exclusive patch
Incursus - Eternal Funeral Trance LP (limited quantity w/ first official Tshirt)
Official Incursus DVD (Random tracks from various shows)

out in 2014 on Forever Plagued Records - Thursday, January 2, 2014
A small look into what is planned for Forever Plagued Records in 2014.

Listenable tracks will be posted via our soundcloud page coming soon.

Orcultus - Orcultus 7" EP   (coming soon)

Ormgard - Ormblot  specially packaged CD (licensed from Scythe Of Death)
*first official CD release of Ormblot*
Septuagint - Negative Void Trinity MCD
Necuratul - Sanguine Lupus Graves demo cassette
Deus Ignotus - Procession Of An Old Religion MCD
Graveland - Sharpening The Thousand Swords Cassette
Subklinik - Premonitions Of Death LP (death ritual ambient)

later in the year
Incursus - Eternal Funeral Trance LP
Krieg - Blue Miasma LP
Nightbringer / Temple Of Not "rex ex ordine throni" Digi CD

Kult Of Taurus CD out now! - Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Kult Of Taurus - Divination Labyrinths out now!  on CD

Dark experimental black metal with outbursts of aggression from Greece. Opened for such acts as Rotting Christ,  Kult Of Taurus are a strong attribute to the Greek metal scene.

 Orcultus - S/t  7" EP   out next  (no release date/ stay tuned)

Esoterica - Aseity now on i-tunes - Thursday, October 10, 2013
Esoterica - Aseity OUT NOW! - Monday, September 30, 2013
Since their first inception onto the black metal scene coming from the ashes of Chaosmoon.  FPR is proud to announce Esoterica from the Philadelphia area with their debut album, entitled "Aseity".  Dissonant black metal supremacy!

In other news,  FPR's next release is due for the end of October and is the debut album of Greece's own  Kult Of Taurus with the album entitled  "Divination Labyrinths".


FPR bandcamp site up - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Now we begin the new FPR bandcamp site w/ the new Incursus.  We'll add a few more albums as time goes by.  Some people have asked for an alternative to i-tunes so here you go.

New INCURSUS out September 18th - Friday, September 13, 2013
Those awaiting the new vinyl record will have to wait no longer.  There will not be a CD version of this EP but for those who must have digital copies there are downloads available on I-Tunes,Amazon,Spotify and about a dozen other websites.  INCURSUS - Adaestuo will begin shipping on September 18th.
Visit our I-Tune Downloads for these albums by clicking the titles below!



Out Now - Thursday, July 11, 2013
GRAVELAND - Following The Voice Of Blood gatefold DLP + 18" x 24" Poster
Order your copy today!
Our site is currently under construction so all orders must be emailed in to  (  Please do not add to cart or check your cart, copy and paste or type out your orders to us via the email listed here.  Credit Card orders call in  1-484-461-2264.  Paypal instructions will be given over email.
New Posters Available - Wednesday, July 3, 2013
FPR021DLP Graveland - Following The Voice Of Blood gatefold Double LP + 18" x 24" Poster  will be available  JULY 11TH.

FPR020LP Graveland - The Celtic Winter gatefold LP + 18" x 24" Poster will be available end of JULY.
Forever Plagued Records will be busy in the year of 2013. - Monday, June 17, 2013
We have four new releases to announce. Firstly is  KRIEG as we've mentioned before, FPR will be releasing "Blue Miasma" on digi CD in August.  This edition will come with the original art piece that was done by Midgaars of Lugubrum. The songs are also getting a remaster from the original tapes in a more rawer form than before.
Second in or around September we will be releasing ESOTERICA's debut album entitled  "Aseity".  Fans of Weakling, will not be disappointed with this.
Third, KULT OF TAURUS from Hellas destroy us with their debut album "Divination Labyrinths".  Experimental black metal that is crushing influenced by Luciferian asceticism. Mixed and mastered by Vicotnik of Dodheimsgard in Norway.
Lastly,  raw swedish black metal reigns in ORCULTUS.  We are presenting for you their first official release,  four track 7" EP that is simply self titled. Fans of what has come lately from Sweden will enjoy this I believe.  Raw, cold and evil. Anticipated release sometime in the fall.

Older Posts

All new releases will have sounds posted here

In Other news  Graveland - Following The Voice Of Blood is in production and due for early JULY.  Graveland - The Celtic Winter will go to press right afterwards and we are hoping to have this out by mid JULY.

Tuesday, May 7th 2013
Forever Plagued Records "SHOP" will be closing for the memorial day weekend as we will be vending again at this years Maryland Death Fest. The shop part of the site will be closed from  midnight  May 23rd, until May 30th/31st  or pending the inventory clean up.
Anyone looking to place an order should get them in before we close or as some of you may remember we will be sold out of a few hundred titles upon our return.

Sunday, March 31st 2013
Heavy Metal Tribune in Singapore has a new review for Ukraine's DO SKONU  "Womb Of Primeval Darkness" album on Forever Plagued Records. Also happy to have been able to convince the writers over in Singapore that there are some serious USBM bands that demand attention.  Read the review here

FPR is also proud to announce we'll be reissuing  Krieg's "Blue Miasma" on digi CD in 2013. Long since sold out from No Colours. As one of our personal favorite Krieg albums it is an honor to now to bring this classic USBM album out again.

Friday,December 28th 2012
A new review for Darkest Groves - Coming Of 2012 CD from "Voices From The Darkside" webzine in Germany can be read

Tuesday,December 18th
The first interview for DARKEST GROVE is now posted via the "Forbidden Webzine" which is also in physical print which we will have in stock soon. Thanks to Forbidden for their interest in Darkest Grove. 
"See The Interview here"Friday, November 9th 2012
FPR026 Nightbringer - Death And The Black Work DCD  now available!
$12 + Shipping.   Labels & distributors contact for wholesale rates.

Tuesday, October 16th 2012
We are now accepting orders for Graveland - In The Glare Of Burning Churches on vinyl however the records won't actually be here until Monday the 22nd they are already in transit to us.
As of now we are expecting the Nightbringer - Death And The Black Work Double CDs on October 29th if the shipping times are roughly that of the Graveland etc.

Sunday, September 23rd 2012
Demoncy review in Decibel Magazine, Novembers Issue. 7/10.

Saturday, September 22nd 2012
Graveland - In The Glare Of Burning Churches LP + Poster is scheduled to ship from Czech Rep. on Oct 4th so we are expecting the records shortly after that. Heidanshart in The Netherlands will most likely have their copies first for those in Europe looking for the record.

Nightbringer - Death And The Black Work digi DCD;  The artwork is being finalized now and should be going to print this week. No release date yet but we will inform of a date once we have one.


Demoncy - Enthroned Is The Night LP + Poster  will be going to press shortly after to be released hopefully sometime in November.


More release news coming soon...



Two new reviews posted for Darkest Grove's,  Coming Of 2012 album
Infernal Masquerade 88/100
Orthodox Black Metal


Sunday, August 12th 2012
new video posted on youtube of track "Alone Eternal pt II" from the new Darkest Grove album Coming Of 2012.

Monday,August 6th, 2012
Darkest Grove "video" for track entitled "Wallowing At The Face Of Evil"

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012
Forever Plagued Records is back, and with two new releases
FPR025 Darkest Grove - Coming Of 2012 DigiCD $7
FPR022LP Graveland - Immortal Pride LP + 18" x 24" Poster $14
upcoming releases
Graveland - In The Glare Of Burning Churches LP + Poster
Nightbringer - Death And The Black Work double CD reissue (including all the tracks on a two cd set!)